Established in 2012 in Basel, Switzerland by Dr. Jasmin Kossenjans; JANKOSSEN Contemporary has gained a reputation for curating exhibitions with primary focus on abstract, conceptual art created by both established and mid-career international talents.  Born in Hong Kong and included by her Persian and German background, Jasmin Kossenjans has always been drawn to artists who take inspiration from their culture, whether by technique used or content; but using a distinct contemporary voice in their work.

JANKOSSEN ran gallery spaces and representations in Basel, Singapore, New York, Sydney, Venice and Hong Kong.  In 2014 JANKOSSEN expanded its operations to the big Apple in the vibrant Gallery district of Chelsea, New York.  In 2016 JanKossen opened an additional gallery in Venice. During the Venice Biennale 2017 JanKossen held a group show in their gallery in Venice Italy located within the Palazzo Corner Spinelli on the Grand Canal.

From 2020, although due to the pandemic lock-down the gallery was forced to close its physical spaces in New York and Venice Italy; the gallery has remained active with online and nomad-space exhibitions.

This rewarding time has also provided the gallery an opportunity to re-focus the gallery program moving forward. Influenced by her upbringing in Asia and Middle Eastern roots, Jasmin Kossenjans is proud to showcase predominantly women artists, both established and emerging. The new gallery program has a special focus on women from outside Europe and the US who have a challenge to make their voice heard. Jasmin has made it her mission to provide a platform where these talents may be discovered, admired and appreciated by all.

JanKossen's administrative offices in Basel offer artists career management, advisory services for collectors and curatorial services for exhibitions in the commercial and public sectors.