Jürgen Jansen

Jürgen Jansen works are a product of chance, calculation, planning and improvisation.
Jansen pours, drops and sprays his paints, turning their chance constellations into the starting point for structures and ornaments. Since the paint dries very slowly, Jansen easily wipes it off, removes it or mixes them with other colors, creating new forms. The underlying levels shimmer through the luminous and transparent skin of paint.
His decision to concentrate on laboriously drying oils and brilliant lacquers and making regular use of wood or sheets of aluminum as his supports—materials that do not absorb paint as easily as canvas—in addition to largely avoiding brushes in favor of rags, brooms and palette knives is directly related to his pictorial approach.
The highly reflective texture of his work represents one of its typical features, and is just as desired as their often glaze-like painterly quality which is a consequence of the highly diluted oil that Jansen uses like watercolours. 
Jürgen  Jansen
Jürgen Jansen