Dialogue: Troy Simmons and Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer

two person solo show with Troy Simmons (USA) and Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer (GERMANY).

Troy Simmons explores the idea of the Anthropocene and man’s destructive relationship with nature. Describing his work as an exploration of incompatible binary relationships; Simmons’ work is a contemporary reimagining of the Arte Povera movement, particularly in the beautification of everyday objects and the dynamic juxtaposition between traces of nature and industry.

Conversely, the creations of Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer draw inspiration from nature and ancient culture’s most elemental forms, functioning as contemporary manifestations. Through a technique evolved over years of experimentation, pigmented resin is poured in parallel or vertical layers onto a base of raw tropical wood. Schmelzer cites diversity of chromaticity and translucency in his assertion of each layer’s existence as a sovereign entity; varying widths and hues mirror geological striations showing the passage of earths time.
#18 Layered within petrol
#18 Layered within petrol
Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer