Order and Chaos: the World of the Enlightened?

The Fifth annual juried group exhibition, FRESH! with the theme "Order and Chaos: the World of the Enlightened?" will take place at JanKossen Contemporary’s Manhattan location from July 19th – August 11th, 2018.
Artists have always played a role in voicing how the world is seen; they are critics dissecting the concepts aesthetics, ideals of beauty, rationalism, tolerance and liberty. How do our artists see the world today? And what can we learn from their viewpoints ?
Artists selected who had responded to our international "call to artists" include the following:
Selected artists include Atsuko Chirikjian (USA), Eva Breitfuß (DE), Jarek Puczel (PL), Julie Rotblatt (USA), Matthew Mogle (USA),Michael Gatzke (DE), Michele Utley- Voigt (USA), Ryan Burns (USA), Soojin Choi (USA), Vanessa Kocking (USA), Ahron Weiner (USA), Mariela Lechin (USA) and Trey Abdella(USA)