Jürgen Jansen - I never promised you a rose garden

In his first solo show, I never promised you a rose garden, German artist Jürgen Jansen invites us to investigate the human condition. The artist’s abstract paintings loosely resemble familiar scenery, however what we’re viewing is created with concise calculation and chance.

An old Irish proverb states “There’s life in the old dog, still”; and the life in Jansen’s work resonates from start to finish. The artist uses materials and techniques that are far from traditional. While listening to music (which often inspires naming of his work) Jansen uses his hands, cloth, sponges and a variety of makeshift painting tools – everything but a traditional paintbrush. A finished piece (held on a wooden panel) contains up to thirty layers of oil paint and mineral spirits, before a high-shine resin coating is applied. The viewer is left with abstractions of color, shape and beauty.

This will be Jansen’s first solo show in the USA. The artist lives and works in Dusseldorf, Germany.