Troy Simmons: Durchbruch

“Durchbruch”, and Simmons Brutalism Series, explores the destructive relationship man has on nature. He stretches the viewer’s imagination in his visual translation of how nature is depicted as an independent entity – a revolutionary force.
Simmons describes his work as an exploration of incompatible binary relationships. He continues to challenge himself by creating unique pieces that expose the stable coexistence of opposites.
Inspired by nature’s persistence to co-exist despite the impact we impose, Simmons’ work is a contemporary re-incarnation of the Arte Povera genre. He uses concrete, color fields and organic forms to express his position on the harmonious existence of different entities.
Troy Simmons was born in Texas and currently lives and works in Miami, FL. He has an educational background in Environmental Science and Architecture. Simmons' work is influenced by nature and the Brutalist Architecture movement of the 1950’s.